On 18th July, Nair Cunha and Gabriela Basto de Lima have taking part in an event organized by EIT Food Portugal HUB. The event, held at Instituto Superior Técnico, encompassed two enlightening workshops, namely “Research-Industry Disruptor” and “From Academia to Innovation”. EIT Food HUBs serve as vital regional points of contact in EIT RIS countries, with Building Global Innovators (BGI) fulfilling this role in Portugal.

EIT Food, a pioneering food innovation initiative established by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), is at the forefront of transforming the food system into a more sustainable, healthy, and trustworthy one. During the event, Nair Cunha and Gabriela Basto de Lima showcased the multidisciplinary project, “SPREADABLE HEALTHY CREAMS PROTEIN+”, through an engaging pitch session in the morning. Subsequently, they participated in a brokerage session, collaborating with leading companies in the agri-food industry, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within the sector.