Project SPIN

On 1st and 2nd of October of 2023, occurred the IMPACT SCIENCE 23 International Conference, in the Polytechnic University of Santarem. This multidisciplinary conference was organized by the Research Unit of Polytechnic University of Santarem and the aimed to promote:

a) Exchange of knowledge and cooperation between 4 scientific domains: Life and Health Sciences, Natural Sciences and Environment, Social and Human Sciences, Exact Sciences and Engineering.
b) Integration of students in scientific events and their training for presenting research results.
c) Dissemination and exploration of the European Project PREDICT – jobs of the future with AI 4 VET inclusion.

Integrated members and collaborators of the LQRC-CIEQV scientific area of Food production and technology / Food behavior” were authors and co-authors in 6 oral communications and 21 poster communication, in three main areas:

• Sustainability – short agri-food circuits, agricultural practices, water management, nano fertilizers.
• Consumers’ behaviors, including food waste, consumption of alternative protein sources such as insects, labelling, and Mediterranean Diet.
• Development of novel foods.

The abstracts are available at Proceedings of the International Conference IMPACT SCIENCE’23 Revista UIIPS, Vol. 11 No. 3

For more information:

See the list of communications in March newsletter.