Project SPIN

On 6th February, Professor Igor Dias, the project’s coordinator, presented the SPIN project with a promotional poster at the event.

LFA stands as a distinguished and pioneering marketplace tailored to a perpetually evolving market, drawing together a myriad of international stakeholders from the food, HORECA (hotels, restaurants, and cafes), equipment, and technology sectors pertinent to the industry, research, and food distribution. It also serves as a hub for business transactions and the exchange of knowledge, delving into market trends, consumption patterns, emerging business landscapes, and the sector’s future trajectory.

The SPIN Project has been publicised with the purpose of promoting the consumption of sustainable and healthy food. Its mission is to stimulate economic, environmental, and social progress in rural areas by incorporating sustainable protein sources into the Mediterranean Diet. It includes new protein sources: insects; non-native fish species, such as the Silurus glanis (European catfish) in the Tagus River; leguminous protein such as Cicer arietinum (Grão-de-bico) and Lathyrus sativus (chícharo), and regeneratively produced bovine proteins. These sources of healthy and sustainable protein will serve as the basis for innovating new products in line with market trends, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, optimising the use of natural resources, and preserving biodiversity, thus reinforcing the sustainability of value chains. This project is funded by PRR – NextGenerationEU.

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