ESS – IPSantarém developed five (5) micro-credentials within the scope of evidence-based practice between March and December 2023. The participation of twenty (20) nurses from healthcare organizations contributed to the realization of someone’s dream primary and hospital schools and two excellent teachers, Eduardo Santos, (PhD) (ESSViseu) and Andréa Marques (PhD) (ESEnfCoimbra), through institutional protocols, which greatly contributed to the capital and educational memory of ESS – IPSantarém, in the field of research as support for EBP(Nursing)! As a result, we highlight a book that integrates the twenty (20) protocols of different types of Systematic Literature Review, available at RCAAPIPSantarem

But this project was only possible thanks to the Resilience and Recuperation Plan (PRR) and in this area we would like to thank the Technical-Cientific Council (CTC) and Director of ESS – IPSantarem, the IPSantarem Academic Management Service (Drª. Vânia Fernandes and team) and the President, Professor João Moutão, who leads/led the consortium(s) that made this activity possible.

Gratitude is what we express to each and everyone, for the opportunity that forever marks our activity as nurses, teachers and researchers in nursing! The commitment is to propose continuity in the future, with another purpose that enables the recognition of competence for research for Based Practice. in Evidence in nursing/health (PBEEn/h). Wishing you all an happy year 2024 full of achievements.

We invited the group of trainees to witness the experience, with an expression. We would like to thank our colleagues who responded to the invitation.

#Testemonial 1 – Assistant Professor Marta Rosa (PhD) “Evidence-based practice, development of skills, needs and sharing of experiences”

#Testemonial 2 – Gina Marques, Assistant Professor (PhD): “Learning experience that went beyond what it appeared to be” #Testemonial 4 – Fernanda Cardador Nurse “I was able to understand how research is done and how a researcher thinks”

#Testemonial 5 –Magdalena Soares-Lopes, Specialist Nurse “Learning, training, consolidation and sharing knowledge between peers about and for Evidence-Based Practice.”

#Testemonial 6 – Dina Bernardino Specialist Nurse “Spectacular course, autonomy in learning, and expert teachers”

#Testemonial 7 – Guida Antunes Specialist Nurse “Excellent course that adds value and quality to practice”

#Testemonial 8 –José Lizandro Lopes Specialist Nurse “In modern world, knowledge is the master key: Microcredencials are a tool for lifelong learning and knowledge sharing, for Adults”