The International Conference “Innovation in the Teaching of Mathematics and Sciences 2024 (IEMC 2024)” will take place on the 15th and 16th of March 2024 at the School of Education of the Santarém Polytechnic University (ESE-IPSantarém).

This scientific event arises from the work that educators from the Department of Mathematical and Natural Sciences at ESE-IPSantarém have been developing within the scope of the CreativeLab_Sci&Math project.

The 3rd edition of the event focuses on innovation in mathematics and science education, resulting from collaborative interdisciplinary practices, the use of digital technologies, the exploration of innovative educational environments and different contexts associated with the student’s comprehensive training, such as education for sustainable development. This event will also promote reflection on the future of mathematics and science teacher education programs.

The event involves diverse dynamics, such as plenary sessions, workshops, and symposiums of communications. Its target audience is undergraduate and master’s students, teachers, educators, and other professionals interested in this topic.

More information is available at the website